Diagonal flow fan



GXF is a new type of low-noise, high-efficiency and energy-saving diagonal flow fan. The air volume is larger than that of centrifugal fan, the total pressure is higher than that of axial flow fan, and the volume is smaller than that of centrifugal fan. Adopting a unique blade type and impeller design, it has high total pressure and airflow parameters, improving the total pressure efficiency of the fan. The SJF series diagonal flow fan is a derivative product of the SWF series fan, which adopts a drum shaped air duct and high-speed airflow direction to achieve the effect of recovering static pressure, improving air pressure and efficiency. Both the high pressure coefficient of centrifugal fan and the high air flow coefficient of axial flow fan are considered. It has the advantages of low noise, low power consumption, compact structure, and is widely used.

The GXF series diagonal flow fan is divided into fourteen specifications based on impeller diameter of 400-1400mm, and five types based on type: A, B, C, D, and S. There are a total of 58 models, with an air-flow from 3000-9000m3/h. The ESP from 185-2500Pa.

SJG series diagonal flow fans are divided into more than ten models based on impeller diameter of 200-800mm, with an air-flow from 200-2500m3/h. The ESP from 50-1200Pa.


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