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Who we are ?

As a subsidiary of Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation, Ningbo Ningshing Trading Group Inc. is a large-scale trading group which mainly engages in international trade. Through years of development, it has already had multi-functional and global marketing channels, and developed the ability to integrate industrial chain, its total annual trade reaches 6 billion Yuan, the import & export volume exceeds 700 million dollars.

It has been awarded Chinese Top 500 Import & Export Company, and Ningbo Best Quality and Profit Import & Export Company. Our professional products including sanitary & plumbing products, rubber-soled shoes, clothing, steel, electric products, light industry & daily use, vessel, complete sets of equipment and so on, are exported to countries all over the world, and it establishes several relevant industry bases and has a professional products research and development center. Products including fuel oil, petroleum coke, plastics, asphalt, and wood and so on, are our main import products.



Our Company

Follows the main rhythm of innovative enterprise age, Ningbo Ningshing Trading Group INC. endeavors to utilize “Internet” model in full, continuously innovates business model.

Ningshing Yun Integrated Foreign Trade Service Platform applies the philosophy of “service outsourcing” to international trade area, and by adopting models of “one-on-one service”, “personalized cooperation programs”, “membership-based operation”, Ningshing Yun provides one-stop integrated service for foreign trade enterprises, and with the approval of authorities it becomes one of the Ningbo first three integrated foreign trade platforms.

Ningshing Ubay’s cross-border e-commerce adopts the advanced models of “B2C” and “B2B”, and develops close cooperation relationship with major Internet companies such as Alibaba and Jingdong, stabilizes source supply channels. It has many main products including baby products, health products, skin care products and electric products; Ubay is at the forefront of e-commerce industry.

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